part number: C17167
Rear Suspension Inner Fulcrum Bearing E-Type 1961-1974 XJ6 1969-1987 XJS 1975-1992 (Also Included In...More
part number: C166231
Rear Suspension Spacer Tube for XJ6 1980-1987
part number: C13365
MK2, XJ6 (1980-1987) and XJS (VIN# 139052-226645) rear wheel hub stud.
part number: C29444KBOGE
Boge Shock Kit for XJ6 1969-1987 and XJS with inboard brakes 1975-1996. Includes:

- 2...More
part number: RTC1348
XJ6 Series II & III (1973-1987), XJS (1987-1996) stub axle crush collar.
part number: JLM9571
General washer.
part number: C17009
Wishbone fulcrum set screw. Fits multiple Jaguars.