part number: CAC381851
Rear Hub Shim .151" for XJ6 1980-1987
part number: C24923
XJ6 (1970-1987) and XJS (up to 1992) IRS rear hub washer.
part number: C24789
Rear outer hub seal for XJ6 1980-1987 (2 required) (included in Hub Bearing and Seal Kit part# HUB-K...More
part number: C41831
XJ6 (1980-1987) and XJS rear radius arm.
part number: C17146
Rear Radius Arm Bushing (Small) E-Type 1961-1974 XJ6 1969>1987 XJS 1975-1992 3.8S 1963-1968 (Also In...More
part number: C29978K
Set of 4 rear road springs for XJ6 (1980-1987) and XJS. Made in the UK.

Alternate part...More
part number: C29978
Rear road spring for XJ6 (1980-1987) and XJS V12 convertible. Fits V12 XJS with 6.0L engine (from VI...More
part number: C29444BOGE
XJ6 (1969-1987) and XJS (with Inboard Brakes 1975-1996) rear Boge shock(4 Required).
part number: C29444S
Shock and Spring kit for XJ6 1969-1987 and XJS with inboard brakes 1975-1996.
part number: C37273
E-Type V12 (1971-1974) and XJ6 (1970-1987) rear spring retainer collet. For use with original style ...More
part number: C19821
Rear spring/shock seat for XJ6 (1980-1987) and XJS (up to 1992).
part number: CAC3067
Rear Suspension Cage Mount for XJ6 1980-1987 (4 required)