part number: C22963
Copper Washer 1/2" for Banjo Oil Feed Pipe or Oil Pan on XJ6 1980-1987
part number: EAC8815
Front Crankshaft Seal 4.2 for XJ6 1980-1987
part number: C22598
Gasket For Oil Pump Delivery Tube To Block for XJ6 1980-1987
part number: EAC6805
Cruise Control Actuator Mount for XJ6 1980-1992
Air Flow Meter Mount for XJ6 1988-1997
part number: C8649
O-Ring for Oil Pump Delivery Tube for XJ6 1980-1987.
part number: PT181110
Oil pressure sender for XJ6 XJ12 XJS E-Type V12. For the 100 PSI gage, for the light use PS5320-6-03...More
part number: CAC4540
Oil Cooler for XJ6 1980-1987. Cars prior to 1982 (VIN 330299 w/o A/C or VIN 330666 with A/C) may not...More
part number: KRC1160
Oil Cooler O-Ring Seal for XJ6 1980-1987 (2 required).
part number: CBC1448
Mount Bushing Oil Cooler, Radiator, Condenser and Fan for XJ6 1980-1997, XJS 1989-1996, XJ8 1998-200...More
part number: C42705
Oil Dip Stick Seal for XJ6 1980-1987.
part number: C22961
Oil Drain Plug Washer for XJ6 1976-1987 and V12 XJS 1975-1994
part number: C34757U
XJ6 (1975-1987) and XJS Used oil filler cap. Each cap is slightly different in appearance. This phot...More
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