part number: C5715
XK120 FHC / DHC air filter to carburetor adapter.
part number: WZX998
H6 SU carburetor cam link throttle adjuster bolt kit.
part number: AUC2698
Carburetor banjo bolt.

Alternate part#: C11488
part number: AUC2141
Carburetor banjo to fuel pump seal. Fits XK120/140/150, E-Type and early sedans.
part number: AUC1051
SU carburetor ID tag set. These tags are blank and will need stamped.
part number: C7461
1.75" Carburetor insulator block. Fits XK120, XK140, XK150(S), MK1, MK7, MK9, and 3.8S.
part number: C3597
Flexible carburetor linkage coupler.
part number: SU044
Carburetor kit for H6 carburetor. Fits XK120, XK140 and MK7 (this kit services 1 carburetor)
part number: EDL4025
Carburetor syncronizer unisyn tool. Used to calibrate carburetors.
part number: C2387
XK120 choke to intake manifold banjo bolt.
part number: AUC2175
Dome to carburetor screw. Fits SU carburetors.
part number: AUC1147
Float bowl lid gasket for HD6 and HD8 carburetor.
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