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Oil Filter Relief Valve Cap - NOS

  • Item #100194

NOS oil filter relief valve cap This fits filter assembly C-4014

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Drive Shaft U-Joint - 3 1/4"

  • Item #10065

3 1/4" Drive Shaft U-Joint (3 Required)

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Clutch / Brake Reservoir Clip

  • Item #1040

Clutch / Brake Reservoir Clip.

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Jacking Point

  • Item #1048A

Plug Jack Hole XK120/140/150

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Right Hand Rear Back Plate Brake Axle (USED)

  • Item #1096U

This is a USED item. Please contact us at 800-875-5247 or email with any questions. Right Hand Rear Back Plate Brake Env, Axle Used

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10 Way Connector

  • Item #10WAY

Ten Way Connector

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Pinion Nut

  • Item #11099

Input Shaft Pinion Nut Independent Rear Suspension Input Shaft

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XK120/XK140 Front Suspension - (USED)

  • Item #120140FRNTSUS

Please call for more information on the set. We still have other used ones still available. Used front suspension for XK120 and XK140 in good rebuildable condition. Includes upper and lower wishbone, front hub, stub axle and backing plate. None of the parts are bent. Suspension was removed from a XK140 DHC in 1976 and was placed in storage. Please call 1-800-875-5247 for more information and to make an offer.

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Windshield Washer Bottle

  • Item #120BOTTLE

Jaguar Windshield Washer Bottle Only

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Thermostat Bypass Type

  • Item #120THERMO

Bellow-style Thermostat Bypass Type, 165F/74C, for 3.4L and 3.8L engines.This bellow-style thermostat is suitable for cooling systems with a working pressure up to 7lbs. Will not function for cooling systems that operate at 9lbs. 1961 E-Type 3.8 up to engine# R8299

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Washer Bottle Assembly

  • Item #120WASH

XK120 and XK140 (roadster, FHC) washer bottle assembly. Also known as part# C54731.

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Assembly Windshield Washer Roadster

  • Item #120WASHU

Assembly Windshield Washer Roadster

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